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Go Green

Create a stunning look with a combination of shady forest greens, velvety rich moss tones, muted olives, pistachio or accents of intense leaf greens and don’t be scared to mix with other trend colours such as petrol blues, lavender or red wine tones. You can take some inspiration from the Abraham Moon Dales Collection or the Bronte range of throws and cushions. Add to the effect by including vintage green accessories which pick up the Birdies theme, also popular this spring

Natural MixNatural Mixes

The use a combination of beautiful natural materials in your home has been popular for a while now and the trend is predicted to continue in 2014.

Mix groovy glass and metals, striking woods, natural fibres and cool ceramics and marbles to create a variety of looks, from contemporary to country chic which emphasise longevity, durability quality and craftsmanship. Why not check out some of the items in our Natural Collection or the Bronte range to get the look.